Saturday, June 21, 2014

Less swiftlet in town now

I have received a lots of report saying that there are less swiftlet in town now especially Bintulu.

Though there is no scientific evidence to proof this statement but producers claims the production had reduced to more than 20 % compare to two years ago. 

The most likely cause would be migration of bird from town to rural where plenty of insects for food and the availability of good and suitable place or premises which also located outside the town area.

Swiftlet Population down at Bintulu town, Sarawak

Five star swiftlet houses which located outside the town area are excellence for swiftlet ranching and production of best quality edible bird's nest in Malaysia.
High quality ebn from Malaysia fetch a very high price and good demand in China.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

E-Kasih Project

One of our RM10,000 ekasih project start to produce result in Serian. I think for those who want to start swiftlet ranching but lack of capital, you can use this approach. Later once you has successfully attract the swiftlet , then you can extend and top up your investment.