Monday, August 10, 2009

China Required Veterinary Health Cert for EBN

Recently some of Sarawak exporter to China had their EBN rejected for not having Veterinary Certification or Vet Health Cert. The issuance of Vet Health Cert only possible if the followings
i) Valid Meat processing license (Sarawak)
ii) After being inspected meeting the standard of Good Veterinary Hygence practice (GvHP)

For those plant that was awarded VHM cert or HACCP, the issurance of Vet Health Cert is immediate with a small fees of RM10.00 per consigment (Sarawak).

In Sarawak, only one processing plant is keen to upgrade their plant toward HACCP compliance from MOODY INTERNATIONAL but still waiting for SMIDEC matching grant. They are not keen to spend money on to meet HACCP requirement.

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