Saturday, February 27, 2010

Company promotes bird’s nest products among Malay community

February 23, 2010, Tuesday
ALOR SETAR: Budi Daya Burung Trading (Daya Burung), a Bumiputera company which processes and markets bird’s nest, is promoting its products to get more people, especially the Malays, to enjoy the delicacy.Under a promotion package, the company is offering the grade ‘A’ bird’s nest produced from the nesting houses of swiftlet birds, at a special economy package priced at RM3 per bottle.

The bird’s nest product can be ordered directly from the company, its managing director Nazri Hood said. He said the company’s bird’s nest taken from the swiflet birds was nutritious and its benefits similar to that produced by the Niah Caves bird nest which is said to be best in the world.

The higher priced bird nest from the Niah Caves come from the ‘Maharaja’ birds, he explained.
Daya Burung is the first Bumiputera company involved in the wholesale as well as production and trading of bird’s nest. The company’s bird nest is marketed under the brand name of ‘Budi Birds Al-Kautsar’ in the country.
Nazri said the consumption of bird’s nest is a tradition among the Chinese, which has been proven to be effective in the treatment of various illnesses. It can be used to improve energy and immunity levels, among others, he said. “However, its high price has prevented many people from enjoying the nutrition of bird’s nest which will be good for their health,” he said in an interview with Bernama here yesterday.

In view of this, the company is now offering the Niah Caves ‘A’ grade bird’s nest in a four-bottle pack of 170ml each at RM138. They are available at pharmacies as well as traditional Chinese medicine shops nationwide, he added. “Our bird’s nest are hand processed at a controlled temperature to ensure its natural value and quality,” Nazri said.

He said the demand for Daya Burung products had gone up to RM5 million a month since last year including its export demand. Nazri said the company obtained an average of 200 kg of bird’s nest a week from the Niah Caves as well as from the nesting houses and currently met the demands sufficiently.

In order to meet the growing demand, he said the company was also looking out for investors keen on joint ventures to build more nesting houses. He said the company also currently provided consultancy services to companies keen to develop nesting houses for the swiftlets birds. — Bernama

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