Friday, October 22, 2010

Give us alternative site

‘Give us alternative site’


OPERATORS of swiflet farms in the heritage enclave in George Town are willing to relocate if the authorities identify a new location for them. Association for Swiftlet Nest Industries (ASNI) president Carole Loh said there should be proper planning just like the relocation of hawkers and squatters. “We are only requesting that we’re treated fairly in the relocation process,” she said when contacted yesterday.

She was commenting on the statement by state executive councillor Chow Kon Yeow that the state government would hold a meeting next week to work out a mechanism to implement the three-year grace period for swiftlet farms to move out of the George Town heritage enclave. Chow said the meeting would involve ASNI, Penang Heritage Trust and other related organisations.

He was quoted as saying it was up to the state government to decide when the grace period would begin.The issue of relocation arose after the National Council for Local Government had agreed on Sept 3 for swiftlet farms to move out of the Penang and Malacca heritage enclaves. Loh said the operators were awaiting details on the relocation plan. “It is almost impossible to move out without affecting the swiftlets as putting the birds in cages and moving them out is not the right way. “Swiftlets will return to their nests as soon as they are released from the cage,” she said.

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