Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good earnings from bird's nests

JOHOR BARU: THE high demand for bird's nests in Johor has boosted the industry to RM39.5 million last year, said Agriculture and Agro-based Industries committee chairman Datuk Abd Aziz Kaprawi.

  He said that last year about 4.5 tonnes of bird's nest were exported to China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

  "The Agriculture Department does not prohibit swiftlet farming, as long as the business is located far away from the towns," said Aziz.

  "However, there are guidelines set by the Veterinary Services Department, which have to be adhered to," Aziz said.

  Besides the guidelines, the operators also have to follow the laws of other local authorities such as the lands and mines, health and environment departments, among others.

  He said  all premises registered with the Johor Bird's Nest Merchant Association in every district will be closely monitored to ensure that operators follow the guidelines.

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