Tuesday, October 23, 2012

EBN Seminar in Malaysia

The Malaysian edible bird nest is a RM10.2 bil lion industry, which is ex- panding fast judging by
interests shown by new players
In addition, it is also imperative that health claims are substantiated with scientific find- ings to demonstrate the industry’s assurance that the product is both safe and nutritious.

Objectives of this seminar:
 To disseminate information on the current government’s schemes for sustaining the EBN industry
 To update the industry on relevant stan- dards and regulations pertaining to the farming, processing, and marketing or EBNs
 To elucidate export requirements, espe- cially to China’s market
 To deliberate important and pertinent is- sues of the EBN industry

Aerodramus maximus
in recent years.
On the other hand, this industry is also facing a challenging future, notably with the recent near banning by the Chinese government on the Malaysian edible bird nests amid claims of high nitrite content.

Considering the exposure it has gotten, it is important for all stakeholders in the EBN industry to ensure adherence to local and international standards; from farming practices to processing operations to sustain the business.

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