Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sarawak Export Procedure for EBN

Listed below are some notes for Export of EBN from Sarawak, Malaysia in accordance to Laws Of Sarawak, The Veterinary Public Health Ordinance 1999.

A. What are the requirement for EBN export?
Depending on the importing country as stated below;
1. China need registration & will be audited by CNCA before export. An import permit from China is needed. Only Veterinary Health Mark (VHM), Good Veterinary hygiene Practice (GvHP) & MOH registered EBN processing plant are allowed to export because China need Veterinary Health Certificate, Country of Origin & MOH Health Certificate.
2. Singapore, Taiwan & Hong Kong - no import permit required.
3. USA- Exporter need to register with FDA.

B. What are the supporting document?
Document needed before Veterinary Permit issued are:-
1. Import permit from importing country ( if applicable)
2. Wildlife Export licence from Forestry Department.

C. How to apply Veterinary Permit? There are 2 ways to apply Veterinary export permit
1. Regular exporter are required to apply export permit online via & they have to register with dagangnet. Scan & upload the wildlife export licence as the support document.
2. Manual application only for first timer but need to provide wildlife export licence as a support document. Application can download from

The issuance of veterinary export permit is within 3 working days. Each permit cost RM10 per consignment.

Online Permit Application Procedure
Applicant registers with Dagang Net for ePermit subscription.

Applicant submits online application.
Counter Officer verifies the application.
Competent Veterinary Officer approves the application.

Approved application will be sent to Customs Information System.

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