Friday, June 12, 2009

Make Millions From Swiflet Farming: A Definitive Guide

This bird on the left is difference spesies of aerodramus. I took this picture when I was at Fraiser Hill, Perak.

This book written by Dr. Christopher Lim, a senior Medical Lecturer and Head of the Nephrology unit in University Putra Malaysia. He has been involved in swiflet farming since June 2005. He is currently operates two highly successful swiflet farms in the East Coast, Malaysia.

He is regarded by many local swiftlet experts as one of the most successful swiftlet farmers in Malaysia.

In his book you will discover:
    • How to start your own farm

    • How to attract swiftlet to your farm

    • The common mistakes of failed swiftlet farms

    • The common characteristics of swiftlet

    • How to increase the quality and quantity of your birdnest

    • The common misconceptions about swiftlet farming

    • Fast facts about bird nests

    • The difference between house nests and cave nests


  1. Looking at the processing pictures shown, it looked nice (with HACCP). But to my experieces,i strongly believed it is not the kind of birdnest for consumers as it strongly believed it undergo coloring or bleaching process. Correct me if i am wrong.

  2. Dear Dr. Tan,

    They are using H2O2 or hydrogen perokside to remove dirt and assist cleaning.