Friday, June 12, 2009

Swiftlet Industry Workshop

I am attending a workshop on Swiftlet Industry Malaysia on 14 June till 17 June 2009 at The Royal Bintang Resort & SPA, Seremban.

Topic discuss are as follows:
  • Harmonizing Rules, Regulations and Guidelines Governing the Walit Industry.
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Walit Industry
  • Positioning Malaysia as a Major Producer in World Market

Towards the end, the workshop want to create "ONE-STOP AGENCY"

I am looking forward to participate in that Workshop and bring Sarawak cases to their attention.


  1. Hello Adrian,

    I am K.P.Lee from Terengganu and it's been a pleasure meeting up with you in Seremban.

    Hope to meet you sometime in future and I beleive that we have all compromise for the sake for the Industry and we shall be looking forward for a brighter days for the Industry, too. Sarawah surely need this industry as timber is coming to an end and Sarawak has big potential from the feedback of the participants from Sarawak @ workshop; much better than the rest of the county.

  2. Dear K. P Lee,

    Thanks, I agree with you. As you know Sarawak is very vast and more poor people are staying in the rural. We are trying to go rural so that they improved their income. I hope this swiftlet willing to migrate to rural. I have played the swiftlet sound at my Kampung but no response from the bird so far.


  3. Hello,

    Just to remind that, you have left out a crucial section,i.e Research and Development. Cheers!

  4. Sir Lord Crank Brooke is coming to visit Johor on the month of October. Anyone interested to meet him, please let me know....

  5. Dear Dr. Tan,

    I have meet Sir Lord Crank Brooke in Kuching during one of his Seminar. He is one of the most expert on swiftlet in the world.