Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sarawak Bird’s nest production rises 36% last year value RM 11.4 millions

Wednesday November 3, 2010  By SHARON LING

SARAWAK’s production of swiftlet nests rose by 36% from 2,095kg in 2008 to 2,854kg last year, with an export value of RM8.37mil and RM11.41mil respectively.

Planning and Resource Management Assistant Minister Naroden Majais said the increase showed that the industry had the potential to be successfully developed in the state. He added that, as of October this year, the production was 1,757kg valued at RM7mil. “Swiftlet farming is a potentially lucrative industry. The market price for swiftlet nests ranges from RM3,000 to RM10,000 per kg depending on the quality and grade of the nests. “China is our biggest market for edible swiftlet nests, followed by Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia,” he told the State Assembly in Kuching in reply to Julaihi Narawi (BN - Sebuyau), Datuk Wan Abdul Wahab Wan Sanusi (BN - Sadong Jaya) and Abu Seman Jahwie (BN - Jemoreng).

Naroden said that two licences were needed for commercial swiftlet farming, one to construct the building for the swiftlets to nest in and one for the rearing of the birds. He said the state received 1,111 applications for swiftlet farming from 2008 to Oct this year. Of this, 248 licences to construct buildings and two to rear swiftlets were approved while the rest were still being evaluated. He added that the construction of swiftlet farms was continuously monitored to prevent illegal farming operations.

“The Forest Department and Sarawak Forestry Corporation conducted two inspections between 2009 and March this year, from which 418 swiftlet farming premises are being investigated. “The state has also issued warnings to owners of illegal swiftlet farms. They are advised to submit the necessary applications,” he said.

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