Saturday, November 20, 2010

Swiftlet farms not allowed on reserve land

Swiftlet farms not allowed on reserve land

The Star: ELAN PERUMAL and STUART MICHAEL at the Selangor state assembly

WITH increasing encroachment by swiftlet farm operators in Kapar Tambahan Forest Reserve area, the Selangor Forestry Department will notify the Kuala Selangor Land Office to get the operators out of the area.
According to state agriculture, natural resources and entrepreneurial development committee chairman Yaakob Sapari, the Kuala Selangor land office had made a mistake in giving out Temporary Occupancy Land (TOL) inside the Kapar Tambahan Forest Reserve.

“This was not supposed to happen as it is under Forestry Land and the Forestry Department is unable to take any action due to this. “The Selangor Forestry Department will submit a working paper to cancel the TOL on the land.

“Then, the Selangor Forestry Depart­­­­ment can start replanting the area with forest trees,’’ said Yaakob, who was asked by Saari Sungib (PR-Hulu Kelang) on the illegal swiftlet farms at the Forest Reserve areas in Selan­gor and other forms of encroachment.

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