Thursday, December 23, 2010

Temporary licences for swiftlet farms


OPERATORS of swiftlet farms in Selangor have been asked to apply for temporary licences from their respective local authorities. 

The Selangor Government has decided to legalise swiftlet farms in a temporary move while awaiting the standard guidelines to be ready. State local government committee chairman Ronnie Liu said they were finalising the details of the licensing conditions. He said the standard guidelines would be ready in six months. He added that the move was necessary for the local authorities to collect licensing fee from the operators. 

“The swiftlet operators have been operating farms without paying any form of licensing fees and this has resulted in a loss of income for the local authorities. “Now, the local authorities will be able to get some revenue from the swiflet breeders. “We are also working closely with the Veterinary Department on the details of the licensing conditions,’’ he said. 

Liu said applications from those operating at high-density areas, including towns, would not be entertained. “However, consideration will be given to those who are operating at remote areas,’’ he said.

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