Thursday, March 24, 2011

10K Model of Small Scale Swiftlet Premises

10K Model of Small Scale Swiftlet Premises

This is the latest R&D on the cheapest way to start swiftler ranching is currently carried out by DVS throughout Malaysia. The minimum size recommended is 16 X 20 feet x 28 feet tall. Sabah reported two of it premises has been colonied by swiftlet and building it's nest. 

So instead of building one house, you can build 10 houses and reduce your risk of losing money especially if your capital is limited. Once you had successfully attracted swiftlet  and build several nest, than you can invite investor to participate for expension or even sell your unit handsomely.

The internal temp is within the standard

It is a bit bright inside but you can do some modification

It is not impossible to produce 2 kg per year

Using cement board for a start


  1. hi sir..can share this design? i want to build one like me at

  2. Any success for this model? Pls share the result.