Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Firm pens MoU with Swiftlet Eco Park


NV Alliance Sdn Bhd, a member of NV Multi Asia Group, is introducing a new element to its bereavement service and investment after signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Swiftlet Eco Park Berhad recently at its centre in Sungai Besi. With that, Nirvana is signing up 5,000 units of Swiftlet Eco Park’s Edible-Birdnest Swiftlet Ranching Interest Scheme, which is equivalent to an investment of RM50mil.

NV Alliance Sdn Bhd general manager Reeno Kong said the scheme was the first of its kind in Malaysia and it had obtained approval from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) while PB Trustee Service Berhad had been appointed as the trustee.
Win-win venture: Yu (seated, left) and Tan signing a MoU while (from left, standing) Reeno Kong, Datuk Kong Hon Kong, Dr Abdullah Fadzil and Loke look on. “This Interest Scheme Unit has the potential to generate returns of up to four times the value of the Nirvana products for a period of 35 years. This is based on projection, verification and confirmation made by independent consultant approved by CCM,” he said.

He said Nirvana was giving away 2,500 units to new and return purchasers of selected Nirvana products. The purchasers will also receive bird’s nest vouchers annually for the first six years. “With this promotion, our product gives the customer total peace of mind because the products have become as good as free. On top of that, the handsome return can be used for their retirement, family saving, children’s education, travelling, healthcare and many more. “I strongly believe that with Swiftlet Eco Park Berhad as our strategic partner, Nivana will bring the best value to our customers and we trust that the collaboration will propel us to greater heights this year,” he said.

Also present at the signing ceremony were NV Multi Asia Group founder cum managing director Datuk Kong Hon Kong, group chief operation officer Jerry Yu, corporate business development chief operation officer Au Kok Huei, Swiftlet Eco Park Group of Companies chairman Datuk Seri Dr Abdullah Fadzil Che Wan, group managing director Loke Yeu Loong and chief executive officer Tan Chee Hong. Tan said the scheme was the first swiftlet ranching business licensed by the Malaysian government. “For RM10,000 of purchase price of one Interest Scheme Unit, this scheme is considered a low risk investment with expected high returns. According to projections by independent consultant of this scheme, each unit of the scheme will be able to earn RM270,000 in 35 years, an average annual return of over 75%,” he said.

He said the company built the country’s first cluster of eco-friendly and strategic swiftlet eco park infrastructure development in Manjung, Perak, in 2009. At present, the company has 14 such facilities in Peninsular Malaysia and has planned to increase this to 25 in the near future. “Today, Malaysia is one of the major producers of edible bird’s nest, with swiftlet ranching flourishing and the number of bird houses increasing. With the price of edible bird’s nest continuing to rise, the export prospects are great.
“If Malaysia seizes this opportunity and efficiently develops this industry, edible bird’s nest will surely bring huge foreign exchange into the country,” he said, adding that the units are tradable, transferable and come with a guarantee buy back option.

He said the collaboration with Nirvana would strengthen its revenue base and in turn, bring the best value to the customers. During the press conference, Datuk Kong Hon Kong said the investment units made available through Nirvana had attracted about 300 enquiries from purchasers within the first three days of the soft launch.

“We hope our customers will seize this opportunity as we are not sure how many units will still be available from Swiftlet Eco Park after this first batch of 5,000 are taken up,” he said. He added that Nirvana was confident of the scheme as it was approved by the Malaysian government and CCM, in addition to having PB Trustee Services Berhad as a custodian. Also, the company’s expertise and experience in swiftlet farming has also boosted their confidence.

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