Thursday, July 11, 2013

Export of Bird's Nest from Sarawak to Peninsular Malaysia.

Recently, I received a call from KL inquiry about the protocol of EBN export from Sarawak to KL. Here are my explanation;

Sarawak procedure is quite difference  compare to West Malaysia with regard of import/export of bird's nest. It is clearly stipulated in the Wild life protection ordinance 1998 ( Edible bird's nest) which is under the purview of Sarawak Forestry Department & Veterinary Public Health Ordinance 1999 under the Veterinary Division, Department of Agriculture, Sarawak.

1. First get the veterinary import permit from DVS, Putrajaya or any Veterinary Office in Peninsular. In the application, state the amount that you intended to bring. You can apply online

2. Bring this veterinary import permit to Sarawak Forestry Department situated at Wisma Sumber Alam. Petra Jaya. You can download the import/export application form from Charges are RM50 per kg.

3. Finally, attached the import/export licence/document, in the online epermit application. Log on for online application via
or go to State Veterinary HQ at Semongok Road, Kuching for veterinary export/import permit. Fees RM10 only. For for information call 082-628248 General line during office hours. Fax: 082-628122. Normally you may need to fill the custom declaration form & sign by the Veterinary Officer.

Once you familiar to this system, it is quite easy. Most of our regular exporters hired an agent to do all the documentation. 

Good luck

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