Wednesday, July 10, 2013

World class Edible Bird's Nest Processing Plant

A world class processing plant to meet CNCA requirement will be built in Miri  Sarawak and subsequently for export of high quality bird's nest to China.

The production of more than 6 tonnes annually from natural caves in Borneo and the company owned 30 units of swiftlet houses nation wide with annual production of 100 kgs justified this establishment. 

The establishment must comply with standard set by DVS and MOH, registered all the premises for traceability and get all the certification done such as GMP, HACCP and VHM.

Lastly, an integrated marketing plan/strategies should be drown to avoid over dependance on China market. I have seen company manage export to Japan, USA and middle east. 

Another strategies would be mass bird's nest drink production for local market. I have tried Kopi Sarang Burung, etc. Go for big retailer such as Giant etc and franchises these concept for local consumption. 

Processors and ranchers need to consolidate effort to meet the stringent requirement for export, public confident and self regulated industries for long term business survival and benefit. 

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