Sunday, December 29, 2013

AMG finalising plans to open Sandakan Bird's Nest Park

AMG International are in final discussions with a Chinese conglomerate partner to invest USD50 million (about RM160 million) to create Sandakan Bird’s Nest Economy Park (Sandakan Eco Park), which will be the world’s biggest managed agricultural centre.

Known as a fully integrated swiftlet farming investment management company, AMG International has been working closely with Sabah Swiftlet’s Nest Industry Association (SABA) since 2011 and currently owns 100 swiftlet farm houses in Sabah.

According to the Founder and Executive Chairman of AMG International, Woo Tiam Onn, the planned Sandakan Eco Park will be combined with integrated swiftlet house management, high tech processing facilities, state-of-the-art biotech R&D facilities, the Sandakan Government Regulated Inspection family and a series of leisure outlets such as a bird’s nest restaurant and exhibition tour centre.

AMG is targeting 3,000 farm units in accordance with the 10th Malaysia Plan to increase bird’s nest shipments to 30 per cent of world supply.

Woo, who made the announcement in his speech at the AMG Harvest Event which took place at Four Points Sheraton Hotel here yesterday, also said that AMG is planning to build another 200 houses with partners from China and Taiwan.

“This will be one of the most significant milestones for Sabah and Sandakan government,” he added.

Woo later shared the success of the AMG swiftlet project by announcing that a total of 5 tons of swiflet’s nest produced in Sandakan houses have been exported to China to date.

Meanwhile, SABA Chairman Datu Faisal Datu Bachtiyal, who is no stranger to Hong Kong, Singapore and China’s large-scale companies, said that SABA received increasing interest and demand from the China market on the swiftlet industry in the state.

He pointed out that with supportive government policies, business partners from Hong Kong, China and Singapore are poised to develop superb quality bird’s nest to meet the growing demand.

“By providing products with excellent quality, we can prove to the consumers that we are reliable, thus making Sabah’s bird’s nest known for its quality, especially in China,” he added.

Out of the four South East Asia bird’s nest supply countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, only Malaysia is classified as a ‘non bird-flu’ region.

During the event, AMG also launched their AMG brand of bird’s nest products, Shanhaiyan, which is produced by local bird’s nest and will be marketed to China.

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