Sunday, August 22, 2010

Millionaire In The Making

If your bird house is full like this, I think you will become rich in a veryshort time.
I met several swiftlet ranchers  and the industry players which I predicted will become millionaire in a very short time. Seeing is believing especially after I visited some of the  EBN processing plants and bird houses. My recent trip to Mukah, Sarawak was an eye opener for me.

Even though I don't own any bird house due to several constraints but  I have visited a lots of  edible birdnest premises, seminar , attending workshop, meeting and experiencing collecting cave nest with my father 20 years ago.  It was 20 years ago,  that I saw a very huge amount of cash money involve/being  distributed among the nest collectors. The traders came to my village with lots of cash and also I witness how they divided the huge cash among themselves without using calculator. At that time our Malaysian Ringgit has different colours especially the RM1000  and RM500 notes.

The black nest collected from Silabur Cave
One day I must build one myself. At the moment the location where I have a piece of land in my kampung do not have the Aerodramus fuciphagus species population . It is due to  it location which is to near the natural Silabur cave ( About 10 km distance).

Silabur Cave located 10 km from Kpg Batu Bedang.

There is one model bird house which cost only RM10,000 or RM30,000 developed by DVS with several successful birdnest rancher. This may sound ridicule but we must minimize risk of doing this business. Once the bird start building nest than you can extend to whatever size you want according to your budget. You may also apply loan from Agrobank provided you has the farming permit.
This bird house cost around RM30,000 and capable of producing 2 kg

If you don't have birdhouse, don't worry you can become the nest processor (cleaning raw unclean birdnest). I know a business person who willing to pay RM800.00  perkg for cleaning nest. If you can construct a according to good manufacturing practice (GMP) standard processing plant,  and if you process 100kg permonth that earn you a gross income of RM80,000.00 permonth.

Get more information on this lucrative industry. Read book on swiflet farming. Invest some money to attend seminar. Search materials from internet and spent some time to meet officers from the Veterinary Department and wildlife or even the PBT or majlis perbandaran on the lattest development. Don't forget to buy a copy of Good Veterinary Husbandry Practice (GAHP) on Bird's nest Ranching (SIRIM) and the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) on birnest Processing (SIRIM).
Clean Raw Birdnest valued RM10,000 per kg

All the best to you all and if you are successful one day, don't forget to let me know and share your success story in this blog.

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